Attention Nia’s Giveaway Winners and Blush-Icon Requesters

Alright, I don’t know how many people are active in the tumblr blogs anymore since I’m not following anybody (hardly) anymore so…I just want to give a quick announcement :’d

 I realize I’ve been really slow about both the winners of my giveaway and also the blush icons for the PDL folks so I apologize for that.

I’ve been scary busy with schoolwork so I’ve only been able to draw sporadically and I want to make sure I do the best with everybody’s requested artwork, so please bear with me.

I will get to them eventually. After this thursday things should slow down a bit, so hopefully I’ll get at least 3rd and Second place finished for you guys, and some blush icons. I’ll submit all the blush icons as one huge gif on my dA and post it in the PDL whazzitcalled and upload the individuals on my stash and link them in case y’all are wondering how I’ll do that.

Again, I’m really sorry :’d

I also plan on doing a little farewell comic for Bastien so he can have a bit of closure since after I finish all the requested stuff I will have nothing to do with PDL any longer.


((…I…think I might actually abandon this blog.

so that means that if I asked to get cameo’d, please disregard that!! >_< ))

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((…I…think I might actually abandon this blog.

so that means that if I asked to get cameo’d, please disregard that!! >_< ))

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Ninjari’s Spoopy Follower Giveaway!



SInce I can’t participate in Spoopy R3, I’m gonna do a giveaway because I can and I want to draw again. I also want to give something to this wonderful community as well!

There will be 6 winners!

OMG 6 WINNERS. Why am I picking 6 people?!  Well, because it’s in honor of Pokemon XY giving us 6th generation pokemon! (And I was almost there to 66 followers to gahahahah!)

But first there are RULES:

1. You MUST be participating in PDL whether as a Competitor or NPC.

2. You MUST be following pdl-gracidea. Unless you donut like the antics of a pretty cynical sick lady. D:

3. 1 Like and 1 Reblog per person. Please use ONE blog only. I’ll be checking for cheater cheater pumpkin eaters!

4. I will message the winners about their prizes so we can negotiate about what you want your character doing with their pokemon or about an outfit design. Please respond promptly, I’m sure everyone will. :)  

*Giveaway ends October 30th at 12am (EST). Winners will be announced Halloween Day!*

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*whispers* who’s up for trading scatterbugs?

I’ve got a Modern-pattern scatterbug/vivillon

and I might be able to get Continental-pattern scatterbug/vivillon when I return to colorado—but that’s in two months 8V

((send me an ask or fanmail if you want one?? ovo ))


Makin’ breakfast

so I can go get mah pretty X and Y in an hour and thirty minutes *v*/…

;v; since the walk to the gamestop I preordered them is about 30 minutes TTvTT and there’s undoubtedly going to be a huge line…

critexmind reblogged this from a-trio-of-fluff and added:

It looks pretty smooth imo.

((no no, Critex v3v do not make me point out the mistakes…nuuu. Nuuu v3v it’s so choppy. Only the eyes make me happy v3v I didn’t time some of the movements right so they’re choppy v3v…XD ))

pdl-gracidea said: ((NIA THIS IS NEATO))

((zankues v3v…but it is not that neat *shakes head* *A* NU! I MUST GET BETTER! *runs away with eyes ‘on fire’ ((not really tho ‘cuz that would suck))))

Plz excuse the choppyness…;v;

I promised you, Shido, something, so here it is TTvTT…

…I had originally limited myself to 30 minutes buuut…*looks at the clock* that didn’t happen 8’D however, for the 4 who had liked that post WILL be limited to 30 minutes…so it might be a bit sketchier *v*;;

…uh. ENJOY! I guess ;v;

((…fudge. I can’t remember how I saved the animation I made into a gif o___o;…because it’s not playing at the right FRAME RATE GAWD DANGGIT!!!!! D< ))